Phone Spoofing


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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
Has anybody here had their number spoofed? Apparently thats the term for when a telemarketer "uses" your phone number to make their calls. Reason being, when someone checks the caller id, it looks local. Im asking because this has happened to a family member, and she is now getting 50 to 60 callbacks a day. The funny thing is, all the numbers that get called have the same area code and first three numbers. So it makes it look like a local call and thats why people are calling/texting back. The research i did says there is basically nothing we can do but change numbers. Anybody?
That would really suck. Instead of changing numbers, you can wait it out until the spammers switch to a new region in a few days/weeks (you can only scam a town for so long) and your relative is left alone. Stressful experience though.
yes, thats kind of whats happening. Funny though, what eventually went down was my wife's big big boss got a call from the number. Long story short, she knows people who work for the government so we got hooked up with people with answers. Magically the next day, AT@T called her and dealt with the situation. So it can be dealt with, contrary to what AT@T told her a month ago. Basically they block the number. She still gets maybe 3 calls a day, but 60 was getting to be ridiculous.

Point was, don't let them clowns tell you you have to change your number because yes, it can and will happen again.

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