Pick a game from my collection and I will do a video for it on youtube


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Sep 26, 2015

Pick any game, But only the games I have the system for. NOTE: Famicom will not work on my HDTV. all the other system do though. I have all my systems hooked up to my PC and to my TV. I can even do Game Boy to the GBA. And I will do a Let's Play video for it on my Youtube channel. First come first serve.

Wow. 32 views and no one has picked a game for me to do a let's play video on my Youtube channel.
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Could you please please please make a video for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins?? I used to play this a lot when I was younger, but I lost my cartridge and I'd really like to see the gameplay for this again.

I'd also like to request a video for Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance (GBA).
I can do SML2. But I have to wait for my Wii U gamepad to get back from repair before I can do Final Fantasy Tactics.. The right Joystick is to sensitive. so it's being fixed. I hope to have it back by today.
Wow, I think I would love most of these just for the nostalgia. I would love to see the Castlevania games, and is the Commando game the game that I am thinking of? I think mine was an arcade game but it would not surprise me to see it on a console. If so, that would be a cool one to see. Then, on top of those, I would have to say Burger Time just out of curiosity because I have no idea what that game is.

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