Pictures taken on the 3DS?


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Dec 31, 2013
Minnesota :)
I have a question. I have some cool in game pictures, is there anyway I can transfer them onto my computer, maybe to put on twitter or tumblr or just to have because they are awesome? Lol

anybody know anything about this?

Well, if you took them as 2D pictures. I think so. I'm NOT sure about this but I think they are stored as JPEG's. Are you talking about Animal Crossing by chance?
From you 3DS web browser, go to Sign in with your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr accounts. From there, you can select any image from your 3DS camera folder to send to those websites.
I really wish the 3ds had a usb port or something, I tried uploading screenshots from Fire Emblem via the browser but it felt kind of clunky and unintuitive. Oh well.
If you're using a SD card in your 3DS the pictures are saved to that.

Just pop the card out, slide the card into a SD card reader then plug it into your computer, then transfer the pictures off.

I've done it a dozen times with no issues at all!

I definitely wouldn't mess with any of the data on the card though, just transfer the pictures to your desktop without deleting anything.

If you need any help, just let me know! Good luck :)
The pictures that I get on my 3DS were quite nice, and surprised me. To answer your question, you can transfer your pictures from the 3DS onto your computer or tumblr by putting in an SD card into the 3DS. All your pictures from there on will be saved to the card.