Play NES games on emulators


Nov 7, 2012
Do you still play NES games on emus?

I do, I still enjoy it. I have a friend who has a NES emu on his phone, I just use the ones on my computer. I love replaying the games from my childhood (and being way better at them now)
The oldschool NES games have a charm to them that no other games these days have, even the ones that try to be successful 2d platformers for pc. Nothing can compare to oldschool NES.
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Yep. I have been re-playing River City Ransome lately, and next, I'm going to go back and finally completel the original Legend of Zelda :D
Hell yeah I still do.

Why pay Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft for games on their networks that have already been released a decade or more ago and are no longer in production?

Besides, some of those emulators add pretty neat effects to those old games.
I recently took the original Zelda back up, myself. There are a good many games I had as a kid that I never beat until I played them on emulators as an adult. Castlevania and the NES Mega Man games are big examples of this, but they all serve to remind me how lucky I am to live in an era with GameFAQs and instant savestates. Nintendo had a good number of titles back then that were, well, Nintendo hard. There's a specific saying referring to the level and type of difficulty such games carried, and it couldn't be more true.
Sometimes I do. I see no reason to pay for games so old. And I think Nintendo doesn't care either. Emulators are the best.
It's pretty much the truth. A game from nintendo, a good one, can be very pricey these days.
The games are still Nintendo's property, and the publishers do have a problem with their ROMs being distributed for free on the Internet, especially when those games are available for sale via Virtual Console, Xbox Live, etc. While emulators are legal, downloading games that you don't own is not.

If you own the original cartridge and want to play that game emulated on your PC or phone, that's where the law is murkier.
I still have all of my N64 and a lot of NES/SNES cartridges, so I don't feel bad emulating at all. :p
Nope, I don't.

The reason is because I still have my old NESes and I play directly on those. There's something about having the old controller and playing it on the original system that makes the games even more fun. Some of them are so much easier now than what I remember as a kid, but the nostalgia is overwhelming.
Yes I use an emulator to play the classic games. I miss playing the action games such as Contra, Double Dragon, and Final Fight. My little brother and I had to work our butts off just to save enough money to buy a game back in the 80s. I remember picking up Rambo FIrst Blood II for NES at $29.95 and that was a bargain back then.
Yeah its fun and brings back some classic childhood memories. I play on my cell phone but I never tried on my PC, but I should give that a go. I finally finished the original legend of zelda after all these years I finally found out how to finish it. YouTube can really help a fellow out.
Playing NES is one of the greatest joys known to man. Yes, I still play the games.
I still play the games on my NES, cause emulators are illegal, and it is stealing. Just how I feel about them. I still love replaying Zelda from time to time :)
I prefer to play the old NES games on the WII. This is mainly because I get to play them on a big screen TV. When I want to play an NES game that is not available on the WII channel, I pull out the old NES system and my old TV. Nothing beats the nostalgia of playing Dragon Warrior!
Agreed with Thomas. I use the Wii - I for one prefer to support the official releases in the hope that more will become available. I have played via emulation about a decade ago and found the quality to be not quiet up to par (then again I was using a keypad rather than a controller which severely limited the experience for me). Was disappointed at the lack of production on Virtual Console however - I realise licencing issues were to blame a lot of the time but I feel the concept never reached its potential.

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