Play Rayman Origins Co-Op?


Jul 27, 2015
I've had my Wii from day one, and I've gone through phases of either playing it regularly or having it pick up dust. Most of the usage comes when friends are over, to pass the time or get competitive. I would say the Wii has a stellar library for gamers hoping to play in company. The console sports some of the best platforming games seen on any console.

Titles such as Kirby, Metroid, Mario, and Zelda stand out as platforming giants when the Wii is imagined. Rayman seems to go over everybody's radar. I would highly recommend reversing that trend.

Grab a friend (or several) and a copy of Rayman Origins. It is comparable to New Super Mario Brothers in terms of fun and getting you hooked. In truth, it is one of the deepest 2-D platformers I have played. Do yourself a favor and try it.
it was cool, different, kinda gross in a way, and very fun. but the difficulty got to me. just like with Donkey Kong Country Returns, when i was done, i was done. My daughter tried to play co-op with me and really didn't like it. It is a very good game
Yeah, Donkey Kong Country Returns is such a difficult game. It's incredibly fun and the retro appeal does wonders, but oh, how frustrating it can be. I let that game sit for a few years, and even after coming back to it, I had difficulty on some of the easier stages.

I think the problem with co-op is that sometimes people play for fun, thinking they won't have to strategize. Many players who go into these games together actually hurt the other person's success, not help. I didn't have that problem with Rayman Origins. We were able to speak on the fly, figure out what we needed to do. Because this game is so deep, it almost begs you to plan out some harder stages.

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