Playing my GBA in the middle of class


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Jul 30, 2016
Game Boy Advance
I remember when I got this system, and how much I played it. At that time hand held game systems were so popular, everyone had the. Especially when the PSP came out, and with my GBA, I got caught plenty of times playing Pokemon Blue in the middle of my classes, it was so addictive.

I have double A batteries in my back pack just in case. I was a hard core Pokemon gamer back then. You couldn't stop me.

Anyone else had a similar situation? Maybe you were at work and got on the game every moment you could?
Well I cannot say that I did this personally, but I know that I could look over at any given time and probably see someone doing it. When I was in school it was really the first time that these handheld devices and other smaller games were coming out, so it was pretty interesting to see them get into schools and how the schools would respond. I am sure it is a lot harder to control these days too, so that really makes you think. Good stuff, though, and thanks for sharing.

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