Playing NES & SNES on my Wii


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Mar 26, 2015
Looking to get a Backwards Compatible Wii so I can also enjoy GC games but my buddy said something about being able to put Emulators on my Wii, possible, how would I do this?

Also, is the red vertical Anniversary Wii unit backwards compatible?

What other models are?
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You basically got to get Homebrew on there which means you need to get an SD card first. Once that's all on there it'll put like all the classic games on there that you download. I haven't done it in a while, but I fixed up a Wii a few years ago which was sweet including having a nice library of even Wii games and box art right on my external harddrive to choose from. If you still need help with this let me know and I can find some info for you.

Right now I've just been playing GC/Wii games on my laptop that I never got around to before. Although I really wish I had a REAL Wii again and the motion plus so I could play Skyward Sword which I never did before. Sad that they can't get an emulator on the pc to work right but that's understandable with all the axis involved.
Is it that you specifically would like it on the Wii or is there a reason you would want to mod a Wii? It would be easier on, say, an Xbox. Not impossible on the Wii but I can get a fully loaded Xbox with every SNES & NES game pretty easily.
It's actually quite simple, if you look into hacked save files and mods to run emulators. But as Joan pointed out, modding an xbox is quite easier. I had all the emulators and games up to the Sega 32 bit working flawlessly. I'm assuming you can still pull it off the WII if you read some guides and softmod.
Yeah, all you need to do is go to and It'll walk you through it.I personally use it to play Gameboy,GB advanced,NES,SNES and Sega Genesis games and watch DVDs.Of course, now that I have a PS3, I mostly use that, but I still use the Wii from time to time.

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