Playing traditional games on phone's or tablets


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Dec 15, 2013
I find it incredibly difficult or even annoying to play any tradition D-Pad or analogue stick based game on a phone or a tablet and I really don't see the appeal for games on one of those, the only games that seem to work well are turn-based RPG's and that's because of the last of reaction time. What about you guys, do you guys like playing traditional video games on your phone or would you rather just play phone designed games instead?
Depends on what you mean by traditional. Tetris and side scrollers like Sonic 2 work really well on phones... even phones that aren't smart. So I don't really have a problem with them at all.
I mean like.. stuff that would normally be on a console or a dedicated handheld.
I completely agree with OP. Final Fantasy is great on touch screens. Sonic is not.
I haven't had a problem with mobile gaming yet. It does take a little getting used to but I do perfectly fine on games like Need for speed, Street Fighter IV, Injustice and The Sonic games.
Traditional turn-based RPGs work well on tablets and smart phones. The same applies to racing games and 2D shooters. But for most other games, touch controls just don't hold up well. I simply can't play platformers and fighters on there, they are just so awkward to control with terrible response. Nothing beats playing on a proper controller.

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