Point&Click Games - PC vs. Console


Aug 3, 2015
Nintendo 64
Many of our beloved P&C games have been released both on PC and console. However, almost in all cases - consoles, in my opinion, lacked the same control you would get with a PC. Clicking with a mouse feels superior to 'scrolling' with a controller.

One of my favorite games though is a paradox - I utterly hate the controls as it could have been excellent as a standarized point&click, but the story and the soundtrack are just to good! I'm talking about Grim Fandango (of course!) I've heard mixed reviews about the updated version, so I haven't given it a try just yet....

Do you prefer your point and click (like Broken Sword, Siberia) on PC or console?
I played Myst on both systems. PTC was made for the mouse. Plain and simple. Back in the early days the video games were better on the PC, but the playing field is different. PTC games are the thing of the past. Newer consoles don't have mouses. Games have now evolved that PTC is now for little kids with very little understanding of complex games.
I was a huge fan of point & click adventure games by the likes of Sierra On-Line and LucasArts back in the late 80s to mid 90s. Those games were exemplary and it's a tragedy that this genre isn't popular anymore. There's definitely a small following of gamers still interested in point & click adventures, but not enough to see regular releases again. I definitely agree with you that these games should be played with a mouse, the PC is therefore the ideal platform for that.
I've grown up on titles like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Maniac Mansion & Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, etc. and I played them on the PC. When I saw Monkey Island and such being re-released on the console, I honestly had doubts that it would work. I'm just so use to the point-and-click, I was worried it would be sluggish.

Well, at first it kind of was. I still feel the mouse is best, but once you get used to using the controller, it's not nearly as bad as I initially thought.
@Hyrule Chicken All those LucasArts titles that you mention are absolutely awesome. I got my first taste of their adventures with Maniac Mansion which was absolutely phenomenal. Then when Monkey Island was released, it completely revolutionized the whole adventure game market on PC. One title that was a bit weird though was Loom. I really struggled to complete it because of it's strange interface but it was a rewarding experience, nevertheless.
Loom was definitely a weird game, but that's kind of why I like it. The whole music portion was pretty cool. I like how LucasArts released a lot of these games after with full voice over work. Day of the Tentacle is one of my favourite games of all time, and the voice acting was so on point! Funny enough, you can play the whole Maniac Mansion in DOTT if you use the computer in the house! Pretty neat easter egg!

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