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Dec 10, 2014
Hi i have encountered a bug in the new pokemon game. The first time i encountered the bug/glitch was on the north road of route 104 when i encountered the twins Gina & Mia. What happens is that after they send out their pokemon and the "camera" turns to me, bits of the image dont load and the game completely freezes(except for the music which keeps playing) and after that i have to restart my 3DS to be able to use it normally. I "solved" it by leaving all my pokemon in the center except for one of course, after i did that i could walk past them and the battle would not activate as it was a double battle and i only had one pokemon with me. I hopped that the problem was solved, but after completing the story in slateport city i continued on to route 103 where i met another pair of twins and the same thing happened again. I dont think its possible to complete the game without being able to do double battles especially when the gym at Mossdeep city is lead by a couple of twins which requires me to have a double battle with them.

What i am wondering is if anybody else has encountered this problem or am i the only one and does anybody have any possible solutions, if you do please post them here.

The 1.2 patch did not help at all, and i tried restarting but that did not help either. So i went out and got myself another copy and guess what, the problem is still there so there is probably no problem with the game itself but with my 3DS. The thing is that all my other games work perfectly fine so i dont see where the problem is, any clues?
So basically, the glitch is happening whenever twin battles are occurring? That's good to know since I haven't reached that point nor have I ever battled twins as of yet. (I find them to be kind of annoying in my opinion.) Is this glitch ONLY in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, or do you think it will also be in Omega Ruby? I'd like to warn my friends of this glitch just in case, but want it to be true.

I think you just have to wait until they come up with a download for the said glitch. I know that's what they did for X and Y last year.

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