Pokemon draining your Gameboy battery?


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Jul 13, 2013
Has anyone experience their battery being drained by Pokemon Gold or a game along the line? I remembered when I play Pokemon Gold my game would never save the file, which got me so frusterated. I didn't understand why and I just thought the game was being stupid. Though as I heard from other people, they told me the game drains your Gameboy's interal battery. So has anyone experience this before?
This used to happen to me all the time, but i thought it was just a glitch in the game or that my actual batteries were dying. I never knew that the game was such a drain on the internal batter. that really stinks.
I had an adaptor so this wasn't much of an issue for me. Even without the adaptor my Gold and Silver were pretty good about not draining the life out of my battery. That said my sister had some issues, but then again she had a different type of Gameboy from me.
I experienced this too. It was really frustrating to not be able to save game.
What is the reason for the drain though? Isn't it just like playing any other game? I don't see how it could drain your battery any differently.
My brother experienced this with a Pokemon Sapphire bought in a fair. My Yellow version didn't run out and it's been 15 years since I bought it though. If you open the game and change the battery, it'll work again ;)
It's more like the game's internal battery, not the GameBoy's.
On travels to the USA I bought a few games with drained batteries from GameStop, like Pokemon Red, Pokemon Silver and Golden Sun.
Tragically, my Blue, Gold, Ruby, Emerald and Crystal versions' batteries all died a couple of months ago. :(
You can change it, but it won't last the same as the original, and in the case of Blue, Gold and Crystal, I've irreversibly lost all my data...
Yes, I don't know if I explained myself properly, but I meant the battery of the game.
I am pretty sure that I remember getting a lot more upset at other games for draining my battery, and they were not Pokemon games. That said, though, I might have not been playing them enough, and maybe that is where the issue is. I did just notice the whole battery of the game things though, and I think I never got to that point. Interesting though, and thanks for sharing.

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