Pokemon Go Crushes Everyone


Apr 16, 2015
Virtual Boy
Pokemon Go in just it's first week on release has no surpassed tinder and twitter as the most downloaded game/app. It has done so well that in it's first few days of release, it has brought up Nintendo's worth up 9 billion dollars. The last I read they are have a net worth bigger then Sony.

This is unheard of and unparalleled. As this is only the infancy of the game and it will blossom grow and dominate everything on the mobile scene and if Nintendo does it right, it could translate well into the console market if they can somehow incorporate it over to that market. But at this point, I think it had outgrown the home console market and is a league of it's own.
yep, its pure brilliance. When i saw the title of the thread, i thought it would be about how hard it was to play last weekend!

a twitter friend i follow suggested they could easily make an Animal Crossing like this model. I agree, this is so much fun. A cool family activity to do while my daughter is out of school for summertime.
It's funny...Nintendo refused to enter the mobile market for so many years. Now they decided to seriously go for it and they've been wildly successful. I read an article about how most of the people using the cash shop in GO had never spent money on a mobile game. Pokemon GO is bringing in a ton of players who had never been interested in mobile gaming (including me). It seems like everyone is playing it!
Pokemon Go is, in my opinion, one of the best apps ever made! Too bad I can't play it because I still own Android 4.3, but I could check my friends in action. They even caught a Pokemon on TV in my country :ROFLMAO:
I agree it's an amazing game and its idea is absolutely genius, yet so many people are disregarding it as something dangerous because some players can't measure their actions :unsure:
Well I cannot say that I am surprised after what I have seen in just a short span of time. It is literally everywhere, and people are noticing other people playing all the time and everyone is talking about, and yes, this is happening at work too. I remember hearing that Nintendo stock went up nearly 20 percent in the couple of days after its release...which is crazy. It should be interesting to see where it goes from here.
Everyone can expect the trend of other popular games making it's way to the GO format. Last a I heard Gran Theft Auto is going to be made in that style where the game fits into your surroundings. This is just a rumor but due to the popularity of Pokemon GO, you can expect copy cats and clones in the near future. I wouldn't mind seeing survival horror and Halo games in that format.
Well there's no doubt that Pokemon GO as taken the world by storm, and it popularity will have even caught Nintendo by surprise as well I would have thought. I'm in the UK so Pokemon GO was only released here about a week ago officially and we have already had newspaper headlines and reports on TV about just how popular it already is.

Nintendo have certainly struck gold here, and I bet they wish they would have done it, or at the very least thought about doing it sooner. I wonder how many spin-off's we're going to see now though?
Trust me, whenever there is a viral trend, there will be more to follow. Who knows why they took so long to come up with the idea. Could be more of the licensing side of things and technical. Programming these things must take time and making sure that the app works properly must of taken a long time especially when it is being accessible around the world.
That's true and I think a lot of companies will have these ideas but not have the funds to produce and release them as they don't know if they are going to work or not. Nintendo have the brand name and the funding to make it happen and now that it as been a success, the companies that where holding back on their games are more likely to take a chance on releasing them now, simply because Nintendo have proved that they can work.
I had no idea that Pokemon Go was going to be released as soon as it was. I had this idea in my head that it was going to be coming out within the next year. When the game was released, I went into it blindly not knowing what to expect. The concept for the game is brilliant. The game has enabled people to get out of the house. I've met numerous people while playing and majority of them were incredibly friendly.

I can't wait for them to build on the game and make it even better than it already is. I'm loving the idea of having a real-life map and being able to play, essentially anywhere.
There's no doubt that Pokemon GO as a lot of qualities and like you say, getting out and about, meeting people that you wouldn't have met before are just some of them but unfortunately, as with everything people are going to also use it for negative things as well.

Here in the UK there have been reports of phones being stolen in broad daylight, and other luring people into certain places just so they can rob them. It's even got that bad that the police have issued a warning to Pokemon GO players to make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times and not get too caught up in what your doing that you neglect your safety.

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