Pokemon GO Easter Eggs and Secrets


Jul 1, 2016
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What secrets/easter eggs have you guys found in Pokemon GO so far? I know of two and figured I'd share them here :).

First off, Eevee evolutions are normally random but there is a way to control them (at least once). Nickname your Eevee Pyro and it'll evolve into Flareon, name it Rainer and you'll get Vaporeon, name it Sparky and you'll get Jolteon. I promise it works, I tried it myself. Just type the names in carefully (they need to be written exactly as I typed them here) and keep in mind that the trick may only work once per name. Also, sometimes the server doesn't save the nickname right away. I would recommend naming the Eevee, resetting the game to confirm that the name saved, and then evolving.

The other trick I know of is a way to get Pikachu as your starter. At the beginning of the game, ignore the three starters (don't engage any of them) and keep walking away. If you walk far enough, Pikachu will pop up and you can catch it. It sounds super fake but it's been confirmed many times at this point.

I can't wait to see what other secrets are hidden in the game! :)
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YES! i was hoping someone would do this thread. I did evolve my Eevee into Jolteon. We are still learning the ins and outs. I will say i got very frustrated many times, as i get frozen or just can't play. Don't know if its my 5C or what but a few times the family would get in a lot easier than I. Also I'm noticing the money grab: i run out of Pokeballs and poof like magic big pretty rare pokemon pop up right in my lap! Haha the game is a blast and a stroke of brilliance

I do like to climb in the vehicle and go ride around looking for pokestops, while hatching eggs. 5 km aint that far like that.

keep em coming please!
allow me to express my sincere frustration. When i left work today, i left early so while by myself walking out i put Pokemon Go going so i can get some km on my eggs. I have no poke balls and voila! Pikachu pops up right out in front of me. I do not like cheap cash grabs that play with my emotions like this
Aww, I'm sorry, that sucks! I'm not going to lie, I may have bought poke balls at one point to catch a Snorlax. I figured hey, this game is free and has provided me with way more than a few dollars worth of entertainment already. That was actually my first micro-transaction purchase ever :p. I'm not going to go nuts and spend hundreds but I don't mind spending a dollar here or there. I'm having more fun with this game than some others that I spent $20+ on.
@redpanda i hear ya! I read yesterday that the "nearby" Pokemon doesn't work at all. So last week when Jigglypuff was near and we walked the neighborhood 3 times and never found him, yeah i could see donating a few dollars for that cause! Hopefully all the bugs get worked out soon. Its still a brilliant idea
Yeah, the tracker isn't working right now. Everything shows up as being three footsteps away. There are rumors that it wasn't turned off intentionally to reduce server strain. Whatever the reason, I really hope it's fixed soon. Tracking down Pokemon on the radar was a big part of the fun!

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