Pokemon: Mega Evolutions


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Jul 30, 2013
So, if you haven't seen it already, Check out the Mega Evolutions trailer online, and come back here for discussion,

Now that you've checked it out, what was your reaction? I have very mixed feeling on this. One one hand, I don't mind the new pokemon being advanced evolutions of older pokemon, but on the other hand, making it a temporary power-up seems somewhat hollow, and not truly a separate pokemon. I already disliked pokemon that needed items for a trade since the first generation, and now we have pokemon that can evolve in battle only via a power stone.

How far will they take this, do you think? I'm calling it right now, and saying that certain pokemon and their mega-evolutions will be DLC-mainly content.
I think it will completely alter the way people form their battle strategies, which is a gods thing. It is a fresh enhancement to the series. This coupled with new training mechanics and new Pokemon will make the games really cool. Although, I think the new EV training mechanics are catered more towards the casual, which greatly upsets me. Yes, I think it will be DLC content, but it will be free just like all Pokemon DLC in the past, or better known as mystery gifts. So keep updated and get them when you can :)

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