Pokemon ORAS/XY Trading Post


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Mar 14, 2016
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Ive been looking here for a while know and was suprised that there wasnt one of these already. Just a place for people to put trade offers and seeking pokemon. Right now im seeking a land form shaymin.
Putting any AR stipulations on this? :p
Sounds like i really should dig my AR out so we can have a plethora of Shinies lol.
How do you get your shinies, it's always a struggle for me lol
Sry I actually just traded it for a shiny ditto lol. Forgot. I have a shiny Chimecho? Anyone willing to trade for that?
Is there still Action Replay devices for 3DS games? Are people still hacking Pokemon in? I thought they eliminated that.
Yes there are, I don't think they're from the same company though and the cheating/hacking options are limited (3DS encryption is pretty strong). But I hear that save editing/hacking (like what Action Replay can do with previous generations) is possible with a Japanese device and 3DS.
I get mine from wonder trades, then trade those for other shinies, which i trade for other shinies. Pretty simple. :p Best to do it by doing different breeding shiny methods, then you get shinies from that and use the other, non-shinies, from the breeding to wonder trade. Quite easy.
"Pretty simple."
Yeah I agree, shinies are pretty common nowadays, given the shiny hunters / hackers and duplication techniques / glitches. Heck, I remember the days when people found out about shiny values where it allow you to LEGITIMATELY get shinies EASILY. Man that was like a shiny hunt outbreak where everybody gets shinies left and right until Nintendo patched it.

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