Pokemon Shuffle


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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
so i got this somehow for free, either Club Nintendo or otherwise, and i must say it's quite addictive. I've never played a Pokemon(blasphemy!), but always wanted to. It's a candy crush type puzzler where each level you battle a different Pokemon, in hopes of catching it of course. I really didn't think i'd like it, but i play it 2 hours at a time sometimes.

Anybody else?
I played it sometimes but not really addictive. It seems really to easy and somewhat boring at that. Maybe the fact that you can only play 5 times then wait is a problem when it should be if you fail 5 times you have to stop playing till lives refill.
^yes that is quite aggravating, and i that fact is one of the reasons i never played Candy Crush. They are kind of similar right?
Uh no...This game as I said you play 5 times then need to wait awhile to play again. Candy Crush is a game that you only lose a life when you fail at a level. If you finish 5 in a row you still have that life you were using to start the first game.
The game is good for in short bursts. After the 5 crystals is used up I'm done. For a free game though its pretty good. I'm pretty sure Nintendo didn't make much money on it. Nintendo Badge Arcade though... I bet they made a killing. I love getting them Badges that you can replace your action icons with such as music , camera etc.

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