Pokemon Stadium


May 16, 2013
I am surprised this game doesn't get spoken about as much as I thought it would. I remember spending absolutely way too long putting together a perfect team, depending who I was up against. I loved the idea of rental Pokemon allowing you to pick from all 150 available species to really make you feel like a Pokemon expert. (As a kid it was super easy for me to piece together a great opposing team relevant to each gym leader.) Then if you got bored with battles you could head over to the mini-games! I rocked at Rattata Race ;)

What are your thoughts on the game?
I played my friend's copy of Pokemon Stadium because I never had my own N64. I eventually had to buy my own controller because I was afraid of wearing his out with how much I played that game. I only ever had a PS1 at that point, but the games on the N64 were more my speed. I really liked Pokemon Colosseum too, but I never played anything past that. I wish they would make a game that was a mix of the Stadium/Colosseum games and the Gameboy/DS games at some point.
I remember when this game first came out!
I rented it from Blockbuster!

I was so excited that we could finally battle pokemon against each other in 3D and see all the glory of Charizard burning the crap out of bulbasaur!
I used to love playing this game! Seeing all my Pokemon in 3D and their attacks looked awesome. I was also undefeatable, do that made it fun too!
I also loved Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2. The battles were very fun when playing with my best friend and when more friends came over, the mini-game mode was ridiculously fun and addicting. I often still play them just for the mini-games. My friends and I were so competitive because it is so easy for anyone to pick up a controller and start playing the mini games.The simplicity yet subtle difficulty in each one really made them fun for everyone no matter what kind of style you had.
There were a lot of games I played in my day, but I don't think I really bothered with this one. In fact I don't think I even really heard about it before now. It sounds wonderful though. I may need to pick it up though since I still have a functional system.
I really enjoyed Pokemon Stadium and I will never forget the day I spent hours on it. Though ever since Pokemon Colosseum came to the gamecube I ditched Pokemon Stadium right away... I was very happy that colosseum got an actual story mode unlike stadium. But Stadium will always be in my heart because I got to chose out of 150 pokemon!

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