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May 26, 2013
If Nintendo were to develop future Mario titles in a different format, what do you suppose it would be? Obviously there have already been platformers, 2D and 3D, plus Mario Kart and those kinds of things. Is a straight fighting game plausible? What about a hack-n-slash type of game (minus the slashing, I would imagine)?

I'm surprised at how much Nintendo has been able to get out of the Mario universe while still making games enjoyable. Sure, not every game has been an absolute success, but on average I would call the Mario franchise highly successful. So why not take a risk and come out with something outlandish?

What are your thoughts on the matter?
There already are:

- Two different RPG series: the main series and the Mario & Luigi series, both moderately successful
- Party/board game: Mario Party - disgustingly successful
- Racing (as you mentioned): Mario Kart - one of Nintendo's bread & butter series
- Fighting: Smash Bros (not all-Mario, but Mario is definitely a huge part of this game)
- Every sports game under the sun, including the terrible Mario & Sonic Olympics games

The only thing that Nintendo hasn't done with Mario yet is what, FPS? :)
I don't think they will expand the Mario series any further. They have done just about all that can be done in my opinion.
I would like to see another 3D adventure, where you have to collect items to advance. Almost like an adventure action game, minus the extreme violence. It would also be nice to have the option to select different characters, each having different abilities and weakness. A 3D adventure, combined with the character options of Mario 2, with powerups similar to Mario 3........that would be great.
It may not be practical, but that doesn't mean they won't do it. I don't really know what else there is to do, but if it's remotely possible then I wouldn't put it past Nintendo. It's not a bad thing, of course; I mean who would have imagined that a racing game with Mario would have been as successful as it is back when the very first game came out? Good or bad, there's plenty for them to try.
I guess you make a good point. I think a true Mario action adventure game would be really fun. Something of the style of Zelda, but more focus on action and combat then puzzles. That would really be cool. Or maybe I'm just dumb...
Banjo, I wouldn't say you're dumb. In fact, that's a pretty good idea. The question is, how do they make a Mario game with a lot of action, without making it too violent? Mario has always been a kid friendly game, and I respect that from Nintendo.
I think you could give him some moves like those from super smash brosl, and have him fight the normal baddies, without blood and guts and swearing. It would probably be rated E10+ but tht is good enough. Imagine Mario fighting bowser in an epic action showdown. That would be awesome.
I didn't play much super smash brothers, so I don't have a point of referance for comparisson. Mario fighting against Bowser in an epic struggle would indeed be interesting. They could also include Wario, and that strange frog leader from Super Mario 2.
You haven't played much super smash brothers!!!! BLASPHEMY!!!!!!
But seriously, you should probably play SSB, it is truly an amazing series, probably Nintendos best right now. Melee is the best, but brawl is pretty good as well.
I think if people want to play the same kinds of Mario games over and over, that's just fine. Maybe they haven't exhausted all possibilities, otherwise they wouldn't keep releasing similar games (almost all of which are received well by critics and fans). I doubt they'll ever "retire" Mario, but I wonder if they'll start to focus less on original Mario games and instead feature the characters in other games along the lines of Super Smash Brothers.
I think a "fighting" style Mario isn't really necessary. It would basically be a mirror of Super Smash Bros, but with all the Mario characters. I just there is something for the Mario series because if not, it may perhaps die out in the next ten year. I think Nintendo should expand on the side characters game. For example, Yoshi's Island! Maybe they should pick a character and make a game just for them...
It would be like super smash bros. but in 3D!!! So really, it would not be like smash bros at all. It would be a true action adventure game where mario looks BA doing Goomba kill moves.
I'm not as big a fan of Mario as a lot of people are, so I think it's already being stretched thin. If they're going to reintroduce a character in a new format, it should be one of their other franchises. It's not that the Mario franchise isn't worth playing, but at this point I think it's spoken for.
I actually agree with you, the Mario franchise needs a 5 year rest. I think that would do the series magic.
Call me old fashioned, but Super Mario World is the pinnacle of Mario Games to me and so I think that we really don't need new formats when we have the good old sidescrolling 2D goodness. I mean we've already gone pretty far down with what you can do with Mario with things like Mario and Sonic at the olympics games. It's beginning to get the stage where it's just a cheap gimmick. Either give it a rest or stop making Mario games at all so that people will actually crave for them to come back.
Hmm, I love Mario and so I'm always happy to see him. Really Mario is to Nintendo what Wolverine is to like Marvel - people say they're tired of him, but they'll always pick up a copy just in case it's good. So honestly I don't see Mario taking a break, but they may look at some of the lines that didn't get enough play through like say... Paper Mario or some such. Or they may look at exploring venues that haven't had as many titles like the RPG versus rather than Mario Party 4000.

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