Post Your amiibo Collection


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Nov 19, 2016
Post your amiibo collection. If you can't post a picture that's cool, you can list them. I have a very small and humble collection myself (I more want to see other's collections heehee). But here's my current collection.

Link (Rider)
Link - Ocarina of Time
Wolf Link


I will update as I get more. I would love to see all of your collections!
I have the Bowser and Mario Wedding Amiibo from Odyssey with the Peach Wedding Amiibo on the way (I ordered it yesterday on Amazon), Mario Amiibo from the Super Mario Series, Luigi Amiibo from the Super Mario Series, Bowser Amiibo from the Super Mario Series and a Bokoblin Amiibo (which was my first Amiibo I ever bought and owned). The only consoles I own are a Nintendo Wii (that I got years ago when the Wii was the latest console) and the Nintendo Switch (that I got on it's release date on March 3rd), so I had no use for Amiibo until I got my Switch, which is why the Bokoblin Amiibo was my first one, so that I could try out Amiibo for the first time, and own my first Amiibo.
@miles854 Nice collection! I’m thinking of picking up Wedding Peach too just for the extra hearts in Odyssey lol.
@MilkBone Same here lol. I wanted the amiibo for the collection to go along with the game as well as to get there in game functionalities. If you have all 3, the game becomes extremely easy, because Bowser gives you the location of a set of purple coins (and can be used to find all purple coins) and Mario makes you invincible so you can't get hurt (which can be used as many times in a row as you want, although I haven't tried using his feature in a boss battle, so it might not work then), and Peach I assume would allow you to get an unlimited number of free hearts, not just one everyone once in a while. The game becomes extremely easy with the amiibo, and I personally think that those amiibo are the few that having the full set of is worth having, not for just display purposes and having the full set, but actually has really good in game features.
I'll take pictures of my amiibo shelves later and post them here. I have quite a few of them