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Mar 14, 2022
Game Boy
My son asked me about getting a power adapter for his Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket. I went on eBay and found an adapter made specifically for both systems. It has a double-ended plug that will fit either Game Boy and a switch on the charging pack that allows you to change the voltage between 6 and 3 volts.

It arrived in the mail and my son was delighted, but when he plugged it into his Game Boy, the system died, same thing with the Pocket. When the power adapter was plugged in, the system would die. The LED on the charging pack was lit, but neither system would operate while plugged in.

I contacted the seller, and he swore it worked perfectly with the system he'd tested it on. We went back and forth a bit with questions and answers, but he ended up refunding my money.

So, I purchased a second power adapter, and it's happening again. When either Game Boy is plugged in, it shuts off. It could be two bad power adapters, but it might not be.

Does anyone have a clue what might be going on here? I'd really appreciate any assistance.



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