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Mar 25, 2016
There are some people out there that believe the Wii U is slow. They go by early ports being worse on Wii U than PS3/360 in performance and graphics quality, and strange early developer reports that the "Wii U CPU is slow."

Still there are others who believe that games weren't being programmed right, and that when programmed right by a proper developer, the Wii U amount of RAM, CPU, and GPU are very, very powerful. At the far end of the scale, there are even some claims that the Wii U has more power than the PS4, but that games haven't taken full advantage of it yet.

Here is what I believe. I believe the Wii U is more powerful than the 360, but only about 50% so. For example, Sonic Lost World, a lower end game, runs 33% faster on my Pentium N3700 processor computer with integrated graphics, than it does the Wii U. Now this is the low end of the scale. The real question is, can my computer run a game like Xenoblade X? Which is unknown.

I also believe the Wii U is only about one-fourth the power of a PS4. However, here is a much brighter note. I believe the New 3DS is more powerful than people let on. I believe it could even run almost a full-featured Mario Maker with a few tweaks if they really wanted to. But that's just me.
I don't knock the Wii U for it's power. However I will say the fact that Pokken Tournament runs sub 720p on the Wii U is very telling to how much it can handle. Keep in mind I'm someone who typically doesn't care much about resolution. I play on the Xbox One which rarely gets to 1080p, however Pokken is the first time I had actually noticed the resolution mattering.
I'm hoping the NX is more powerful, yet games aren't very much larger in download size. Only a little larger. I'm hoping the disc or cartridge capacity is only 16-32GB, so that developers aren't encouraged to spam high-def video or unneeded content to fill the disc.

This may sound like crazy talk, but I don't want to have to upgrade my internet if I decide to go all-digital.
Honestly I never had any complains about the Wii U's power. It plays it's games beautifully.

But I do recognize that Nintendo has created a stigma starting with the Wii, and so they may consider it important to come out with a competitive system to bring back developer and consumer interest. I don't really care what they do; Nintendo is one of the very few (if not the only) companies that seem to always know what they're doing even when they aren't on top.
Well thank you for sharing this. I know that a lot of these consoles and machines get bad reputations just because of a couple of things that they cannot do, and when all you start to hear is what they do not do, you really forget about all the things they do do, and do well for that matter. I will always have a love and respect for the Wii, so I really appreciate this little tribute. Thanks for sharing.

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