Previously Duel-Screened Games coming to Switch


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Dec 9, 2016
If Mainly Handheld Titles end up Coming to the Nintendo Switch; Such as Mario & Luigi, Ace Attorney, Pokemon, and countless others; How Will they Be Adapted to only using 1 Single Screen; Granted Gens 1-3 of Pokemon were with only 1 Screen, and Ace Attorney used to be on 1 Screen(Albeit EXCLUSIVELY to Japan for GBA), and The ORIGINAL Superstar Saga was on the GBA, and only used One Screen; But After So Many Games where they've mainly used 2 Screens; How will the Series of games Revert to going back to Only 1 Screen?!?!
Wii U had some DS games, and there was an option to only play them on the gamepad. It would simply display them both on the touch screen, although it was quite small. It would work the same on Switch in handheld mode I imagine, though docked I don't see an easy solution if touch is required.

Personally I'd like to see OoT and MM 3D ported to Switch since using the touch screen was pretty optional and I barely used them anyhow.
I Mean for New Original Games; like say if they were to remake Partners in Time DX with ONLY 1 Screen; or a New Mario & Luigi Game for Nintendo Switch!! or Make a New Ace Attorney game with only 1 Screen; How Will they pull THOSE Things off; Since Ace Attorney ever since the 1st WORLDWIDE-Released Game, depended on using 2 Screens!! and so has Every Mario & Luigi Game from Partners in Time, all the way to Superstar Saga DX + Bowser's Minions!!
I guess I don't have the magical answer for you.
Also, I don't see what bearing a game being a worldwide release has on adapting it to another console, or why you're stressing that detail.

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