Problem with Pokemon Bank


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Jun 17, 2020
So I recently purchased Pokemon Home premium plan and I want to transfer some pokemon from my Pokemon ultra sun version.
When I try to use move option on pokemon bank it kicks me out because it says that the communication with the server was interrupted during my previous session, so the server has been locked.
Is there a fix for this or did I just waste my money.
Try it on a different internet connection?
I recently downloaded and purchased the pass for world Bank in order to access Poke Transporter..but It will not give me download menu to access Poke Transporter, and it is not in the store as its own entity, every guide says to use Pokemon Bank to find it. But I cannot get past the home menu because "You do not have a save file" I do not own any of the recent games past Pokemon White. So I am not able to fully access bank Bank to even get a menu to get to the transporter.. I've sunk a little under 10$ into everything I "need" to move my old to the switch AimBank .
Try going to the game you used before US on Pokemon bank to resolve

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