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Feb 12, 2015
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Hello Gamers,

I have a question. Does anyone else have trouble keeping their battery pack on right? I will be in the middle of a game and sometimes the back comes loose even in games where the controller does not vibrate. I have tried using tape to hold it in place but I was wondering if anyone had any better suggestions. Other than switching battery packs and using tape I do not know what else to do.
Yeah, I've had that happen some loose packs in the past. I try to grab the controller in a way that I don't touch the pack, but I know it's a hassle to be so self-conscious about it. Really, I don't have a great tip for a fix, but I'd honestly recommend picking up a new battery pack or even a new controller, depending on how beat yours currently is. When I bought a new one (different issues) I loved how fresh and flawless it felt. Two and a half years later, still going great, and yeah, the one it replaced was like 5 years old.
I used to just tape it on with clear see through tape as to not make it an eyesore and just keep the tape near my xbox. Even the slightest shake or rumble from the rumble-pak built in feature of the controller would dislodge it, and it was because of how many times the battery pack had been ejected beforehand. So just keep it mind which way you tilt the controller while playing will also have an effect on the pack as well - try to hold it right and help it stay in place with some method (doesn't necessarily have to be tape).
I've never had that problem before, but like @Shimus said, some tape would be able to fix that. I'm sure that if you found some Duck Tape then that wouldn't keep happening anymore. I have never heard of that happening before, though. My boyfriend's brother plays games for about 10 hours a day and nothing like that has happened to his. All his controllers are in pretty good condition.
It happens all the time with my friends and such. We beat up our controllers from fighting games like Street Fighter or such and when we go to use the controllers we end up having battery pack issues, or the thumbsticks are unresponsive because of how we jam them back and forth to pull off move combos. The controllers can definitely take a beating; but anything breaks after continual usage. Tape is still the most efficient way to handle it, because you can't glue it (you have to replace batteries, yeah?) and you can't simply buy another one (if you don't have the funds)
I have some duct tape over my PS2 controller just because of how abused it was. I'm sorry for my poor controller, but I get into the games that I play. Same with the Xbox. I can hear parts rattling in one of the ones that I have. I mean it stinks, but I can't help it sometimes. I also won't deny that there are so small holes in my bedroom well dents from playing.
That's why controllers only cost half to 1/3 of a new game. People rage and break them, kids over use them, or generally they get busted and abused.
That's true, I didn't think about that. I mean it makes sense because I can only imagine the amount of controllers that some people have broke. I mean I'm honestly surprised that I haven't broken one yet.
I'm surprised my one with a weak joystick from years of Street Fighter 4 hasn't broken yet either. All the plastic is worn off, but man it's still solid!

Also, another problem aside from battery packs and the occasional button sticking I've found is shorts in the wire happen if you tend to wrap up your cord tightly around your controller. Make sure where it comes out of the controller, the rubber is bent in an arc or it will eventually short and take that shape too.
Yeah, my friend who owns an Xbox experiences that problem with his controllers. That battery pack is fairly heavy in relation to it's size. Since most controllers will undergo a certain degree of abuse during their lifespans, battery packs may loosen up over time. Inserting and taking it off regularly will also increase the wear and tear.
I thought I was the only one with this issue! Most of my friends have Xbox's yet none of them report having their battery pack occasionally fall off.

I'm not sure what causes this since only one of my three controllers have this problem. I used to put tape around the battery pack but it was a hassle to remove the tape when changing the batteries. It would also leave a mark around the battery pack, thought this is not a problem for most I like keeping everything neat.

I found that by folding a piece of paper or cardboard and putting it in-between the batteries making sure that it also touches the back of the battery pack prevented it from falling off. This way my battery pack stays in place and there are no tape marks on my controller. If I could go back in time I would buy a wired controller, seems to have less problems and saves you a lot of money in the long run!
Yup. It's an easy fix with tape but I play my 360 so little I keep forgetting to fix it.

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