May 25, 2016

I drew this yesterday instead of planning for my next comic ;3;

And now I'm on here D:

I really like drawing, I love doing art, and when I was on another online comunity I used to draw all sorts of characters and things. It calms me a bit, but it gets in the way sometimes when I want to do something else!

If you guys like my doodles, I'll be more than happy to post some more~
I am drawing a comic! Mind, right now it doesn't look very ~GOOD~, considering what I'm working with; Once I get a drawing tablet and pen, and can move to my desktop, it'll look a lot better.

That being said, if you want to check out the very first beginning, you can find it here.
I hardly ever draw, i used to all the time, thought i was pretty good to. Now i only very occasional will do something, and those things i do are just like 5 minute sketches off the top of my head, trying to draw something i have seen before, i will post a couple once i get my flash drive, just don't have it on me right now :p
I am of the opinion that procrastination is a lie, it's just a lack of desire. It is just how we define a lack of desire when we have things we need to other words, you don't STOP procrastinating, it isn't a thing, it's a lack. You just START desiring, that's the way out.

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