Project Darkma Minigames


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Okay, time to talk about minigames in the party game Project Darkma. Here is the first minigame:

In the game The Last Story, there were magic circles. Holding down A button and moving a circle over them caused the magic circle to be diffused, meaning the circle disappeared and the player gained that ability. In this game, you will do pretty much the same thing as a Minigame trying to get a more accurate aim than the other players.

I couldn't find a good picture of this concept in The Last Story, so here is the closest thing:

The big circle on the ground is a magic circle. Ignore the lightning and the small circle around the player's feet.


Minigame #2: In certain Zelda games, you and Ganondorf bat magic spells back and forth at each other. I'd like to have something like this between the characters for a minigame.
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