Project Darkma Music


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I'm here to show some music ideas for my upcoming game, Project Darkma.

THEME SONG (official song unless further notice):

Wait for it to load and give it a listen.


"I was alone I was searching for something
Stuck in the dark I was losing my way

Never imagined that I would find someone
To open my eyes lead me into the day

You were the one I believe I was made for
You are the one custom made for me

Now everything is a happy picture
Painted by you, commisioned by me

When we're apart
I know we're gonna be connected

Alone in the dark
You know you'll never be neglected

Straight from the heart
You're love will never be rejected

A pact from the start
We're always gonna be connected

When I think back to those days of my darkness
Walking around with my head looking down

I look ahead through my happy glasses
I see a future with you around"

Minigame music (inspiration, not final songs):

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