Projector Dock For Switch

120 inch is hugh, you should have a big space on the wall for it
Not too fond of projectors... seems pretty cool for outside though? Get a car battery, a little power converter and there you go! Might be more useful for something like the wii that isn't already portable...
The dock could also work for on vacation and when the main television is being used as a alternative monitor.
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Looks great. Usefull for times when you can't put the Switch into a tv, or don't want to take the time to, such as if you want to play with friends but only can for a short amount of time and setting up a dock wouldn't make sense, and usefull for the outdoors were there isn't any tvs around. Also has extra battery for the Switch so you can charge the console if it is running low on battery. I want to buy one, but plan to wait until my birthday next March to get some money from some people to pay for it or ask for the full projector dock from people and see if someone can buy it for me. I want to wait until at least then if not longer, because the first docks are currently set to ship around December according to the page were you can send money to fund the projector dock before it is out, and the dock is currently in prototype stages at the moment according to the funding page. I want to make sure the product works based on reviews from people who get it when it comes out, and want to make sure it is a finalized product and all the errors and other things are worked otu before I buy one. Also the prices may change as tons of people are funding it and it surpassed it's funding goal by more then 2x the original goal of $30,000 USD, and is still taking funds right now and is getting lots each day, so there might be enough funds to lower the price by a ton for a while or forever once it comes out. The early versions of the projector dock for people who send enough funding money to recieve one, are all on sale at the moment, so likely they will be put at a lower price at launch or be on sale for some amount of time at or shortly after it's launch and the product comes out.

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