Pros and Cons of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil


Oct 6, 2013
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Turok 2 is easily one of the most visually impressive N64 games. It's a very ambitious console game of its style though it's clear that the game took some cues from other great games like GoldenEye. So, what are the pros of Turok 2 that make it great? Here they are:
  • Hi-Res graphics
  • Fantastic atmosphere
  • Huge Levels
  • Great multiplayer (especially frag tag)
  • Solid FPS gameplay
But you know what? It kinda falls short when compared to GoldenEye because of some flaws. Here they are:
  • Too few save points
  • Some slowdown
  • Touchy analog control and aiming
Oh, the fun my friends and I had on this. Monkey Mode.. yeah, that's what we played the most. So much fun playing Monkey Mode.

Also, I've always been a fan of Turok because I'm such a huge Dinosaur fan. Ever since I was a little kid, I've always been fascinated with Dinosaurs. So, anything with dinosaurs, I always check out, regardless. Even if I hear that it's horrible, I still check it out, simply because it has dinosaurs. Seriously, I'm a sucker for dinosaurs. Even in my 30's, I'm a sucker for dinosaurs. So yes, I'm greatly looking forward to Jurassic Park 4. I saw part 1 in the theater 5 times when I was a kid, and again when it was in 3D recently.


Back to Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. I've beaten this game twice. Tho, honestly, I had fun just messing around. My friends and I would get together to play this game all of the time. It was fun. In fact, we got so engrossed into playing this game that we always overlooked it shortcomings. We played this in multiplayer so much. It was always a blast.

One of my friends loved being the Raptor. I've always been fond of being a human and using weapons like a soldier, myself. In any game. I don't normally use the "special" characters. I'm boring that way. But whatever. Anyways, another friend of mine loved the cerebral bore weaon. That was his favorite weapon, and he especially loved hitting the monkey with it.

Speaking of the monkey, oh man, we used to get so loud playing this game. One of my friends absolutely despised the monkey, and hated being it, and always made it his mission to kill it before anybody else could. He had pure hatred for the monkey. But yet, another friend was really, really good at being the monkey. And when we got together, playing this game, "get the monkey.. get the monkey" could be heard yelled and screamed at all times, as we played.

My favorite "monkey match" moment was when we all sat together, on the floor, playing 4 player split screen, and "nobody" knew who the monkey was, because in the frantic pace of the game, and our non-sense trash talking, whoever was the monkey was lying, and saying that they were after the monkey, so when we started strategizing over who should take this path and who should take that path, to try and 'corner' the monkey, it got us all going in circles, with the monkey constantly slipping away. Somebody even got confused over what portion of the screen was theres, as they were looking at somebody's else's "corner" of the screen, thinking it was there, and getting upset that the controls weren't working for them. Meanwhile, at the end, the person who was the monkey, who we legitimately thought was not the monkey, and everybody was suspecting something else as being the monkey, had gotten away, and then later, in the middle of the match, and revealed himself to be the monkey. Just the way that they did it made us all laught. Just a funny, funny moment. Good times. I mean, I'm not doing the story justice, and I can't really re-create it here. It was one of those "you had to be there" moments. Just fantastic. We all had so much fun over monkey mode. That's what I remember most about this game. "Monkey Mode", as we called it. It got the point where we had to purposely take breaks from monkey mode and play the other modes, just because we would laugh too hard and get too loud. Nobody wanted to be the monkey, so everybody freaked out when they were the monkey (it was mostly a "fake freakout" for out entertainment). But still, fun times.

Fond, fond memories of this game...
crunchyg said:
Poor dinos :(
I'm a huge, huge dinosaur fan. Have been ever since I was a little kid. My favorite always being the Triceratops.

That said, this game has not only dinosaurs, but dinosaur-human hybrid creatures. Humanoid-Mutant-Dino's, as it were. Which is a completely different scenario than just dinosaurs. So those I'm down with killing. The other actual dinosaurs.. well, that's just "self defense", I swear.

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