PS Vita should support more PS3 titles via remote play.


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Feb 8, 2013
Am I the only one who thinks so? a feature Sony hyped abot the Vita is barely used this generation at all. Last night I bought Tokyo jungle off PSN and was able to use remote play with it and play it on my Vita while I watched the Hockey game. :) Which was a really neat and fun experience. The R2/L2 R3/L3 buttons were mapped on the rear touchpad respectively so it was quite easy to get a full console experience to be honest. I had a ton of fun playing the game this way and I wish more PS3 titles and even PS2 classics were supported by this feature. :)
I fully agree. I think Sony has been missing their mark way too much when it comes to their console and portable system integration. I think it's because they have been rushing most of these things just to keep up with the competition and it has really hurt their name in the process. The one point that you brought up that I would have really wanted to see made is the PS2 game catalog integration which I think is so much opportunity missed by Sony. They could be making a lot of profit from their PS2 catalog instead of just having them collecting dust in their personal library.

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