PS4 & XB1 controllers built to break - Video Proof


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May 3, 2014
--hi guys
--I'm the Zero Percent
--nice community!
--I see yall prefer Nintendo here
--lets hope Nintendo doesn't use the same 'thumb stick gearbox' manufacturer as XB & PS
--huh? PS3 controller has taken a massive beating, and is perfectly fine; as have my PS2 and PS1 generation controllers(all still work). I suppose if Sony changed the way they built controllers, it could lead to problems.
I haven't had problems with neither. The PS controller did fly into the wall a couple of times (FIFA rage), but never stopped working :)

I guess I should try throwing it harder next time haha :D
I've found that PlayStation controllers are pretty robust. Mine have taken quite a bit of abuse over the years and still play fine. The PS4 controller is really nice and has a solid feel just like previous iterations. Perhaps Sony are cutting some corners, wouldn't surprise me as the company is not in a healthy financial state.
I feel that the Xbox One controller is a more durable version of the Xbox 360 controller. I have a 360 controller that I took very good care of and barely used and three years later it's still very worn out. I might pick up a new one eventually just because they feel so horrible to use after they get worn out. Though my Xbox One controller works mostly the same as when I got it almost a year and a half ago, but the left stick is getting a little worn out. Not too bad, but still noticeable.

On the other hand, my Wii U pro controllers are perfectly fine over two and a half years later. They're great controllers and I love playing with them.

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