PSP buttons are loose


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Mar 7, 2016
So I have my PSP for some years now and recently I noticed that the buttons, mostly the X and the circle are getting really loose. With my cousin's PSP happened the same. Is this a problem for all PSP? I have a GBC for more than ten years now and no matter how much I played the buttons are perfect yet the PSP's are really bad...
Well if you ever have any problem with a console or handheld, when you Google the problems, there are always people with similar problems. I'm not sure if the GBC has problems like loose buttons, but doing a Google search reveals people have had similar problems with PSPs.

I ended up selling my PSP, 2 years after release. Enjoyed a few games on it and shouldn't have sold it, but I wanted a new video card at the time.
I see. I ended up searching online too and actually it seems the problem is really common!
I mentioned the GBC as I have it for considerably more time than the PSP and it is in perfect condition, and I played much more GBC than PSP. Thanks a lot for the input :)
I noticed this same things with mines when I had it. When mines became really loose, I think it had to do with the time that I wasted coffee over the whole PSP.

I had bought the green one, and I had a baby in my hand, he was reaching for the hot coffee I had on the table, and I jumped and knocked the coffee over trying to keep him from spilling it on himself, and then the keys became really sticky.

After sometime, I wiggled them around so much that they became super loose, but never popped off. So it wasn't natural for me. The analog stick came off for got loose on it's own for every psp I had.
IT is not a problem at all, but it must feel really annoying when you push the buttons. You can always try to buy a new case for the PSP, one of those that come out with new buttons and that sort of thing so you can give your PSP a better look plus a temporary repair. Good luck.