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Oct 15, 2012
Since the Amiga console lineup is coming to Android devices via Google Play this holiday season (this was announced today), I decided to check out what Amiga was all about. Amiga is one of the few consoles that I never got to play, so I was curious how it compared to other, more prominent gaming systems. I found the video on YouTube below with footage from some of the best Amiga games and was pretty much underwhelmed by their quality.

First, there is no background music in most of the games in this video. I find it silly to play video games without background music, unless it's something really ancient, like Prince of Persia (and I actually kind of hate Prince of Persia).

Second, most of the games are imitations or straight out rip offs of Nintendo and Sega games. I honestly see no reason why anyone would have played these games back in the 90s when SNES and Genesis were available.

Any Amiga fans feel differently or did I hit the bull's eye here?

I played an emulator of one on my brothers computer once, and you are pretty spot on. The games are basically crappy rip offs of Ninty and Sega games (Or at least the ones I played were). The graphics were also far behind the times..
The Amiga was actually a 16-bit home computer when it was launched. A few more powerful models were released at various stages that incorporated a 16/32-bit microprocessor. Commodore released a console version of the Amiga near the end of it's life cycle known as the Amiga CD32 which was an absolute flop.

Generally, the quality of games on the Amiga were pretty decent. Though arcade conversions suffered because they were done by development houses & publishers that only cared about a quick cash in. However, titles that were developed exclusively for the home computer market would often be awesome on the Amiga. A few that come to mind are Turrican 1,2 & 3, Xenon 1 & 2, Defender of the Crown, Rocket Ranger, Wolfchild, Lemmings and Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge.

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