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Mar 21, 2016
This is most likely the wrong place to post this. But i m not sure where to look for the answer.

I just bought a new system (newer gen 3ds XL) and I want to transfer my system data to the new system.

I don't have much data on my old system, just Pokemon saves (digital copy of Pokemon y and virtual Pokemon yellow) that I care about.

Both of these I cannot manually transfer saved datas to SD card, and so I am worried that if I do a system transfer I will lose my saved data. I did put my rarer Pokemon in my pokebank to be on the safe side if something messes up but I cannot do this for the virtual game yet.

So my question is will the saved files for the Pokemon games transfer? I could do the wireless transfer but my current wireless connection is spotty, and as I've read it can take up to 4 hours to complete the transfer depending on how much data is on the system.

Also note: I only have one SD card between the two systems. Not sure if that's an issue.
Doing the transfer now. Got a friend to take my Pokemon off yellow during transfer. There was a pop up message that said which game saved would be unusable after transfer and it was a game I never play (but not either pokemon game) so crossing fingers that the transfer goes well.
Hello Nealmp and welcome to the forum. :) Unfortunately I don't know much about the 3DS, but I'm guessing that it will transfer over alright since you said that the pop-up message didn't say the Pokemon games wouldn't transfer. I'm sorry that I can't be of more assistance, I wish I could be. :( But I wish you the best of luck on your Pokemon Y and Pokemon Yellow games transferring over to your new system alright.
How did the transfer go? Hope it went well!
I own a 2DS but I never had to transfer systems, so I don't know much about it, but it seems a little complicated to do so, if there's the option of losing your saved data :eek:

i was kind of checking this out and came across this. I hope it helps you out. I have no experience with the Pokebank, but i will say i did a wireless transfer from my 3ds to New 3ds XL and with pretty decent wi-fi, it took about an hour. As far as can tell i had no issues, but all my downloaded games are VC. Nothing big. Good luck and please let us know how this goes so we'll all know.

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