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Sep 26, 2015
Since my collection is to big. all I can do is give you the link to my Game Collection.


Collection updated 6/06/2017

These are games I paid for, from carts to CD and downloads from the Official game consoles like the Wii & Wii U & 3DS plus DSi.
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If I can't find them or have the funds, I can't get them. But I'm trying to collect what I can that I don't have.
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Game Collection list has been updated!! I'm close to 2,000 video Games. I bought GTA Vice City, GTA V, Ski Or Die, Ninja Gaiden 2, & Sneak King. I now have 40 PS3 games, 402 NES games, 3 Xbox 360 games. Plus Atari, intellivision, Colecovision,Sega Genesis,SNES,N64,Wii games.
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Not gonna lie, I just looked at the handhelds and consoles, but great anyways! Maybe you should arrange all your stuff in like a circle and then have you in the middle crossing your arms with the strait-est face you can make and a picture from overhead! Then you can put it as your profile picture!
big collection
little correction on the liste (it's Lara croft not Laura Croft: Tomb Raider :))
I give it an OMG/10 lol
Impressive is all I gotta say
I'm over 2,000 games now. I have 60 PS3 games, 4 Xbox 360 games, 1 Xbox game, 1 PS4 game, 4 Nintendo Switch Games etc.

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