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Apr 5, 2021
back from the future:
exploring the original adventure

The original legend of Zelda game that was directed by Shigeru Miyamoto was supposed to be the polar opposite of the original Mario game, and judging by how this world has turned out. They have accomplished that. Today in this article I will be talking about the original development for the Legend of Zelda game. This will teach you about the original thoughts during the development.

The Idea
The original idea for the legend of Zelda was based off when Shigeru Miyamoto was playing alone as a kid. Exploring nearby caves, and using a stick as a sword to fight off pretend enemies. So that's how the game is played, exploring the open world, and using a sword to fend off monsters. Another interesting thing is that they took inspiration from Namco's “Tower of Druaga”. Wandering through areas from a top-down view while fighting enemies. Shigeru Miyamoto also wanted you to be able to explore, collect items, and still have a set objective.

The Feel
Shigeru Miyamoto wanted the game to feel mysterious like how link plays a small mysterious tune when he blows his whistle. The music in the game helps portray the mystery and the very feel of the game. Like I said earlier they wanted the game to feel very “open-world” while still portraying the story. Shigeru Miyamoto and some of the other people that worked on the game agreed to hire Keiji Terui. Keiji Terui had worked on writing shows like “Dragon Ball” and “Dr. Slump” so the game itself would have a very direct feel.

The Music
The person who made the very iconic original theme was none other than koji kondo. koji kondo had already helped with the original “super Mario bros” game so they decided to bring him on the team. He would later go on to work on “super Mario world” and “Yoshi’s Island”. In the game fandom, the iconic theme is known as the “overworld theme”. Because it plays in the “overworld” and the overworld can only be established if there are other dimensions to go to (for example the “nether” from Minecraft).
Fun Fact: the iconic “overworld theme” can also be heard on the title screen.

In conclusion
the legend of Zelda's original game was supposed to be the polar opposite of Mario. Now with this evidence, remember that link and Mario. Are two very different characters. Thank you for reading, and you have a fantastic day.

By: Silas Gates

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and thanks, thanks for reading my Essay

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