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Feb 9, 2014
Dear Nintendo
I hope this gets to Nintendo probably not, but it’s worth a shot.

Please Feel Free To Post Feedback it's highly appreciated

Did you really like Twilight Princess then a this suggestion will be awesome. They can create a really fun action adventure game with lots of personality like no other.
Use Midna & Wolf Link (of course), the name of the game could be:
Midna Treasures or Wolf & Midna

Link gets transformed in to a dark wolf by Dark link, now link must use his Wolf form and with the help of from Midna to save the Princess Zelda’s town or village from Dark Link ashe tries to obtain the Triforce and use it to his advantage for darkness.

Use dark energy from defeating shadow monsters and beasts, to use Wolf Link’s attacks granted from Midna.
Collecting pieces of lost Shards and Dust Relic will give you a small piece of Triforce.

Each level will have like challenges for NPCs like quests to get stronger.

Attacks: Charge, bite, grapple,spinning and slashingsword attacks, and Midna can occasionally use a weapon like a bow and arrow.
Abilities: Special scent, warp, ect.

i really liked TP, so yes good deal. maybe she could level up and do bigger more crazy things with her crown as you progress
This a pretty neat idea and I'm surprised that Nintendo hasn't thought about making this already. It reminds me of Okami developed by Clover Studio about 7-8 years ago. Which was a phenomenal action-rpg and strongly influenced by the Zelda series. Perhaps Nintendo can finally give their own take on things, by giving us a four-legged hero to control. Boss fights should definitely be interesting as you take them on in your wolf form.

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