Reapertale: The lost IP I was planning

Jack Lovejoy

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Jan 23, 2016
California (Originally from Korea)


Hey guys, its Jack here and I am going to bring back my lost IP, Reapertale. It was my original idea before I decided to scrap it to go onto Black Knight. But I decided to scrap Black Knight instead and bring back Reapertale, so here is what I have to say:

Reapertale is a hack and slash action adventure rpg idea similarly to Black Knight. You are equipped with a scythe and a magic staff that are used for chaining combos together and there is a new volley mechanic. The volley mechanic activates after you punch an energy ball coming from your staff and the ball will bounce back at you with much more force than it did with the enemy. Keep knocking it back and it will deal more damage, but if you get hit, you will take damage depending on how fast the ball was. Dodge out of the way and the ball will explode, rewarding you with a score multiplier and increase your soul gauge.

You can grab upgrades scattered throughout different levels to get enhanced gameplay like:

Sylph's Breath: A magic pendant that controls the wind. This allows your ball attack to aim back at you if you move, giving you more range to attack.

Calibur Heels: Golden heel attachments that allows you to grab the magic balls with the placeholders on the heels to allow you to boost yourself up with a double jump or dash forward by blowing the magic balls on your heel attachments.

Abdoth: An armored addition to your scythe that is made from a demon's arms. Whenever you slash your scythe, a shadow hand will come out and grab the opponent.

In this game, you are Ezekiel, the child of the Goddess who was created for the sole purpose of defeating the Soulara Empire. Ezekiel was incomplete however and he was filled up by darkness.