Recommended 3DS games?


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Feb 1, 2017
Hey guys I just bought a 3ds xl and was thinking about what other games to purchase. I bought ocarina of time since i have never played a legend of zelda game and have heard nothing but good things about this title and i also bought luigis mansion dark moon because i enjoyed the luigis mansion on the gamecube. I have done some research and made a small list of games that interest me and was wanting some second opinions on it. The list goes
1. majoras mask (i am liking ocarina of time and know this is a classic as well)

2. a link between worlds ( wanting to get into more legend of zelda games)

3. super mario 3d land ( really enjoy the 3d mario games like 64 and super mario sunshine)

4. mario and luigi series (dream team and paper jam) (heard dream team was really good and paper jam looks fun as well though im not sure which is the best in the series)

5. fire emblem awakening (I have played this on my friends and i loved it)

6. pokemon (pokemon is awesome)

7. kingdom hearts dream drop ( i have fond memories of playing kingdom hearts though ive heard this one has an annoying mechanic that switches characters?)

8. fantasy life/ fune factory 4 (both of these seem like fun rpgs though seem very similar i wasnt able to tell a real difference)

9. dbz fusions (i like the dbz games and this seems like a fun turn based game ive heard)

10. animal crossing new leaf (ive heard mixed things on this game though i liked animal crossing on gamecube)

11. mario sports superstars (i love the mario sports games)

if anyone could give me advice on these games and maybe pick 3 or so to buy first it would be greatly appreciated. Also feel free to recommend and explain other 3ds games i didnt put on my list to me i am open to suggestions and i am looking to expand on my 3ds library. Thanks in advance for the help!
You can't go wrong getting Majora's Mask, Mario 3D, and Fantasy Life. Can almost guarantee you'll like 2-3 out of the 3.
what @Shane said 100%. I love my 3ds more than any device in 30 years of gaming so i will try to help you out.

MM3d is the best remake of all the remade Zeldas. Meaning it surpassed its original by leaps and bounds. A great game make perfect in my opinion. Now, have you played it before? It can be pretty aggravating to get used to. I had to stop and buy a strategy guide to finish but its a very rewarding game. Hit me up if you need help anytime.

Fantasy Life: Holy smoke, my end all be all. I literally put in 160+ hours, and absolutely did not have enough. I finished it and all the dlc and could have kept going. Possibly my favorite game ever. It looks cute on the outside but there is some deep creating to do and obviously a lot of fighting. I see you're interested in Animal Crossing, so i have no problem suggesting this to you. They are slightly similar in themes.

Mario 3d Land is a must have for Mario fans. I played it twice and would play it again.

I love Animal Crossing New Leaf, I play it with my daughter. She is our mayor. Dont know if you have amiibos, but they pretty much all do something with the new update.

A Link Between Worlds was good, if you love Zelda's like I do. A solid title.

Hope this gets u a good start, please let us know what you decide. Im a huge 3ds fan.

(PS: have you checked into Kirby Planet Robobot? its fantastic fun)
So after @dustinb12 said something about this rpg that looked really good for the 3ds, but my 2ds was really broken, I decided to go out and get myself a new 3ds xl. It took nearly the entire night to do the system transfer, but it was worth it. It runs faster, sounds nicer, looks nicer and can play minecraft.

I had kind of given up on the 3ds after the Switch came out, but now its like it was given new life and thats all I can play! So what are some games you guys would recommend for the 3ds? Doesn't matter what genre, I could get down on anything except action platformers like mega-man! Kirby is the exception.
Oh, man. If you aren't playing Gunvolt 2 you're missing out on the best 3DS game.

That said, you got the 2 Zelda 64 games, Devil Survivor 1&2, KH3D, That new Metroid 2 Remake.

Honestly though, at this point I almost want to start telling people to pirate 3DS games so Nintendo kills it and focuses on Switch >_>
@Heigw !!! Totally speaking my language. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is where i started, of course i loved the Zelda's. Majora's Mask 3d A Link Between worlds especially. Bravely Defaults, Kirby Robobot, and Fantasy Life. Fantasy may be my favorite game ever, and im talking about a 30 year career. I also LOVED the Yokai Watch games, obviously.

Yes, once i got me a New XL, games really shined. My Mario Golf World Tour scores got much better.

this is what im looking at next. Similar to Fantasy Life
Yeah! I've heard of Ever Oasis! Its like a town builder thing right? I looked up some of the games you said, fantasy life sounds pretty good so I think i'll get that one and play it first.

Is majora and luigi's mansion the same as the old ones for n64/gamecube? Is it really worth getting it for the 3ds too? Is the 3d feature really good or something? The 3d was pretty amusing for the first couple days, I haven't used it since!

Oh, man. If you aren't playing Gunvolt 2 you're missing out on the best 3DS game.

That said, you got the 2 Zelda 64 games, Devil Survivor 1&2, KH3D, That new Metroid 2 Remake.

Honestly though, at this point I almost want to start telling people to pirate 3DS games so Nintendo kills it and focuses on Switch >_>
Sorry I replied to @dustinb12 first, didn't see your post! The metroid remake looked good. I don't think i'm ready for a flash cartridge on 3ds yet. It took me 10 years to get one for the gameboy advance! xD
@Heigw Majora's Mask, yes same game but cleaned up and much better. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is a new game and its one of the few games i actually CAN play in 3d.

Ever Oasis seems to be a town builder and i think i will like the combat. It's as close a game ive seen to Fantasy Life so i really want it. Did you check Fantasy out? I don't know if that will be up your ally. It has a lot of creating to do along with fighting and rpg-ing. I started as a cook.
@queenzelda better than Fantasy Life? Thank You, im so glad to hear from someone who has played it. I want it really really bad now!
@queenzelda @Heigw (Komasan voice:) Oh my swirls! Yeah, i put in an order with the family for my birthday. They will deliver, along with the new Kirby hopefully. I think the 3ds's library will go down as my personal favorite. We're talking 30+ years of gaming.
Pokemon all the way! Also look into NDS games because they work on 3ds.
Anything SEGA including Outrun. Bravely Default series, Kirby Planet Robobot, Epic Yarn and Deluxe. But there’s hundreds
i recently started Rune Factory 4. Any fans of this series?
What are the top 3 games for the 3DS? My top three are:
1. Ocarina of Time 3D
2. Detective Pikachu
3. Smash Bros 4
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