Release date for NEW 3DSXL.


Jan 19, 2015
There is a release date now for the NEW 3DSXL. I heard from someone that it was going to be in February at some point, but they hinted at it being in early February. I think the date they said was the 13th or so but I don't really remember and don't want to go Google around for it lol.

Does anyone else have any speculation? I'm probably going to end up saving up for the NEW 3DSXL version instead of a normal NEW 3DS. My original 3DS is starting to be an antique already... this makes me sad, lol.
if it releases with Majora's Mask, its gotta be some time in Feb. I'm aiming to get a new one this year too, mainly for the larger screen and processor. of course for amiibo support too
I actually don't think it's releasing with Majora's Mask. From what I've seen from a couple articles on the internet here and there in the last few days, it's just releasing with a normal 3DSXL. Which is kind of weird because, why would they not release it with the new 3DSXL and just get more money out of it? People would shell out loads for the NEW 3DSXL with Majora's Mask.

Anyway, I haven't seen any indicator saying it will be the NEW 3DSXL but maybe it will be? Who knows at this point.
Whenever it is I am hoping that it is really soon. I have been doing some research and I am thinking that it could be in Feb or really soon. I am hoping also that they will release Majora's Mask. If they do that then I know that I will be getting one for sure.