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Mar 26, 2013
I grew up playing the nes/snes generations of consoles. I always sort of thought of the Gameboy Advance as a portable SNES as the graphic style and game titles clearly drew from that generation. It had some incredible titles too, like Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and Metroid 4.

What are your favorite things about the little console and do you still pulls yours out to play anymore? Would you be interested in seeing Gameboy Advance games remade for more modern devices?
I loved the GBA. I remember when I got the first generation GBA thinking the graphics were amazing and it was the best handheld ever. :D I loved Golden Sun, Zelda LTTP, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and the Breath of Fire games on the GBA were great ports of the SNES versions. There was a slew of others I loved but can't remember them all. I remember very clearly one particular castlevania game I loved on the GBA though! Not sure what the title was but there was like a wolf on the cover. :)
Oh yeah, Golden Sun was a beast. That's one of the best RPG's I've played on any console and highly evocative of the old 16bit JRPG's of the SNES days. There was a Golden Sun 2 as well I think, though I never got to play it. There were two GBA Castlevania titles: Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow. Both were actually really good and evocative of Symphony of the Night, which is never a bad thing.
My favorite Gameboy title was Super Mario 3. I actually completed that game twice. I also loved the mortal Kombat game title as well. I owned so many game cartridges that I couldn't tell if one was missing lol. I used to play my game boy advance infact the last time I played it was 5 years ago a pretty long time ago. I would not sell my purple Gameboy to anyone its like my little collectors item.
The GBA is a great little handheld that should be any true gamer's collection. It really does feel like you've got a SNES in your pocket which is really cool. I still collect for the GBA, mostly obscure Japanese games that never got released in western territories. The GBA had hardly any negative points to it, this is a perfectly built handheld with an amazing library of games. I never get tired on playing on mine to this very day.
I don't think it's much of a stretch to say the Game Boy Advance was the best strictly sprite based 2D console of all time. My favorite games on it are Pokemon: Fire Red, Pokemon: Ruby, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, F-Zero: GP Legend, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong.
I love my GBA. It is one of my favorite Nintendo consoles.

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