Resident Evil Zero


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Feb 8, 2013
I know this game was pushed to the Gamecube mid-way through it's N64 development but I can't help but wonder how it'd play on the N64 and if we had gotten that version instead. That being said, Do you think it would've been a pretty good game on the N64? I Kinda feel like it would've. Capcom has been known to scrap GREAT games in favor redoing them and then having the final product to be good but not as good as the original work would've been had they released it. (I'm looking at you Resident Evil 1.5....) So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think Resident Evil 0.5 would've been better then the product we got on the gamecube? Graphics aside?
Graphics were the most impressive part of the game on GameCube, so I don't see how they would have pulled it off on the N64. In fact, that's why it was probably canceled to begin with. Capcom just couldn't make all that greatness work on the old hardware, not to mention having to use a cartridge instead of 2 mini-DVDs.
Yeah that's probably true. However, there was absolutely no excuse for them to scrap Resident Evil 1.5. Personally, I feel like that would've been a far more superior game then the version of Resident Evil 2 we got. Still, I would like to try the N64 version of Zero if it were possible. :) Would be interesting to see. :)

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