Resolution races


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Mar 25, 2016
Resolution races on consoles are dumb. It takes something like 2x the CPU power, 2x the RAM, and 4x the GPU to truly go from 1080p to 4K without upscaling and provide a full 4K experience. And with all this extra power, it still doesn't take into account the extra power needed to create better base graphics or more sophisticated gameplay. Resolution races have happened at least once before on the iPad. The iPad has a handful of games that run at 2k+ resolution. But the sophistication of all of them in terms of gameplay and polygon count, is from the PS2 era.
Fuck resolution. 1080P and 60FPS would be better than 4k 30FPS.
Even the 3DS resolution looks great in 60fps. Zelda ALBW looks like I'm looking into a little shoe box world.
Is it bad that I have no idea what a resolution race is? I would like to think that I am pretty good at technology and staying up on things, but here we go again with something I feel like I should know but just don't. Maybe that is a good thing though, because from what some other people have said it seems a little unnecessary, but I guess I could be wrong.
^ Nothing worth knowing about. Just shallow comparisons of crap AAA realism focused games between PS4 and XBO consoles. It's stupid. People get more worked up over 900P or 1080P than whatever the game is. Todays AAA industry is a total farce. Zelda BoTw is 720P and looks fantastic. So one of those things that matters so little esp when most the time they perform so badly. Fallout 4 hit 0FPS. yes ZERO frames per second on Xbox One. That's where we are at with AAA industry.
I don't really know how people can worry that much about 4K when they will not even detail the graphics when playing ,that's some sort of stupid and senseless stuff, for real.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one on this forum that didn't know what Resolution Races were. It makes me feel less like a totally clueless idiot. Thanks for explaining. It seems like it's something I don't really have to take the time to learn about, so I'll be moving on...
I'm not exactly overwhelmed by the specifications of the resolutions either at the moment to be honest, and while there is a lot of hype surrounding 4K gaming, until I've tried it myself then I will hold back with my judgement on it. Everyone I know who has tried it though say that it does make a slight difference but not enough to justify the price of the equipment you need, so that doesn't sound like high praise does it?

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