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Dec 16, 2013
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I may be alone in this, but I think Nintendo should return to their roots and make a retro 2D Mario platformer again. Like, a sequel to SMB3 that has the same type of 8-bit graphics. It sounds weird, but I'm a sucker for the retro Nintendo games and I think this would be a good idea.
The first New Super Mario Bros for DS did that for me. The graphics were polygonal but the overall feel was very retro, including the awesome soundtrack.
I dunno. I still have my 16 bit Nintendo. I had to change out the 72 pin cartrage a couple months ago, but that only cost me $15. I have my 16 bit nintendo right next to the Wii. We have around 40 games, including all of the Mario. I love the retro, but if I want retro, I just play the origional.
With every game taking to the 3D type feel, I think a 2D title would be a great selling point. A lot of us grew up on the 2D titles and the nostalgia that comes with it is enough for me to be intrigued by an updated game with the feel of being a little kid again
I have to agree here. The best Mario games were the 2D versions. Super Mario 3 gave me endless hours of fun-absorbed a lot of my life that is :D Super Mario 2 was also a big player for me. If Nintendo were to make a 2D Mario game on a modern system, they could make the game enormous, with countless levels, secrets etc. Imagine a Mario game with 500 hours of content!
I think someone should call Nintendo and tell them to create Dr.Mario for iOs and Android! :D

I know that kind of game is not really popular on consoles and PCs nowadays, but it'd be awesome to play it on the phone while in the bus, at work or in the toilet :rolleyes:
i must admit I'm almost Mario'd out, for i have to play every one that comes out. i went through all the New SMB, Super Luigi U, and am almost done with SMB3dland. they are all awesome in their own way, fun and exciting. but they keep me from playing my other titles. i haven't even started A link between worlds yet, because I'm so into 3dland. it's not a bad problem to have, but if we go retro, let's go Star Fox, Metroid, Fzero. Let's get some new blood flowing
C-C-C-Combo breaker!!!! Seriously though I like the old 2-D games and having 2-D sidescrollers are awesome, but overall I prefer 3-D. And now I'm virtually running away - and all your tomatoes haz mizzed me!
I think it would be fun to have a sequel made to Super Mario RPG. There was an easter egg in there where you would turn into the old 8 bit Mario for a few minutes, and it was fun. I love the old classics though, and I agree that there should be a retro revival! Just because there are new ways of doing graphics doesn't mean the style has to change! I loved Castlvania Symphony of the Night on my Playstation, and it looked like an old school SNES game but with great effects! Ohh...nostalgia!
That would be really cool. They could remake the original and make all of the levels and enemies and everything the same with just updated graphics. They should actually do that for a lot of games.
Retro is a big thing right now and I hope that the trend continues. I would love to see Nintendo re-release some of their old consoles such as the NES & SNES. I think they would do quite well for the company. There's enough nostalgic fans out there to make this a feasible endeavor. Downloads of older Super Mario games doesn't cut it, it's better to play it on the machine with the controller it was intended for.

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