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Sep 25, 2013
Wii U

The new rumor going around for the Nintendo Wii U is the development of the "reUmagined" line of games. These games are said to be "re-imaged" N64 titles. With a possible Gamecube title, here and there. With the success of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD that was recently released on the Wii U. Along with the short development time, yet, high profit margin, to go along with it. It seems that there is some excitement over this new line of games. Now, these won't be simple HD remakes. No, no. They will be "re-imaged" updates. For instance, the first game rumored to be "reUmagined" is going to be Super Mario 64.


Now, like all of these new titles in the "reUmagined" line of games, will all be visually upgraded like The Wind Waker was. However, in addition to that, they will also have all brand new features and modes. Plus, they will not get a retail release. They will all be digital releases, for $30 each.

For instance, in Super Mario 64, it's reported to have...

-- Completely updated HD visuals
-- 2 player simultaneous action, with Mario and Luigi as playable characters at the same time (just like the new Super Mario 3D World that's about to be released soon)
-- Control Option A allows Player 1 will have the Gamepad, and player 2 will have the tv. When together on screen, they will share the tv screen. However, when the two split up, player one can use the gamepad while player 2 can use the tv, until they come back together again.
-- Control Option B allows both players to use their own Gamepads. Yes, 2 Gamepads. That feature, which was first announced before the Wii U ever launched, will finally start to happen soon. In this play mode, each player has their own gamepad screen. meanwhile, the tv can switch back and forth between either player when apart, and have them both when together on screen.
-- Online play, with both players using their own Wii U online.
-- New modes, like timed challenges and what not.

This is crazy news, if true. It's all a rumor at the moment. But a list of games was sort of given. Here is the list of games planned in the "reUmagined" line of remakes..

Super Mario 64
***** ***** **
**** **** **
**** *** **
********** **
******* ****
**** ************

What they are is anybody's guess. And, speaking of which, my guess is, just based on the digits in each "title"..

Super Mario 64
Ridge Racer 64
Wave Race 64
Star Fox 64 or Mega Man 64
Excitebike 64 or Pilotwings 64
Pokemon Snap
1080 Snowboarding

I couldn't really think of anything else that fit the number of digits. I mean, there were a couple that were close, but didn't match exactly. So, for now, these are my guesses.

What are your thoughts on this potential new "reUmagined" line of Nintendo games. Digital only, $30 each, with upgraded visuals and brand new game modes and features. And, they could be released inbetween the retail games, to help with the "droughts" that come. Plus, they are relatively quick to develop (it only took 6 months to make The Wind Waker HD). So they won't have to spend a lot of time, money, or resources, to get these games pumped out.

Personally, I like the idea. Especially with games that will not only get new visuals and game modes, but for games that will now get to use TWO Gamepads. I've been waiting for that feature for a long time. So, yeah, I'm all for this rumor, if it happens to be true. What are your thoughts on it?

etc.etc... Take your pick. It's all over the internet. Literally just about everywhere. I could post more and more and more links. But I'll stop here. It's all everybody has been talking about all day.
Looks like every single one of these rumors is coming from an obscure site called Paul Gale Network, and he's listing an anonymous source. This is quite possibly just a neat PR trick to get his site more publicity out of thin air. We should try that some time. :)
Just did some more digging. Reddit is highly skeptical, and Neogaf will not have any of it:

This is the same dude that brought us the StarFox-Metroid Fusion Saga. I've removed all links not to feed into the frenzy.
Well, that's why I did say that it was rumor. In fact, naming it a "rumor" was the very first thing in the very first sentence that I posted.

Also, I always stay away from reddit and neogaf. I don't like going to either. I don't know why, but I've never liked either of them. Reddit annoys me, and neogaf just, I don't know. I don't mind neogaf so much. Lots of info seem to come from them. However, I just don't bother with them, or reddit. I went to reddit a couple of times, because it was popular, for some reason. But I've never liked it. So I stay completely away from there. Like I said, reddit just annoys me. Neogaf is ok tho. I just don't bother with them. However, lots of things that I get from other websites do sometimes have info from them. So I don't mind Neogaf. I just don't like browsing around there, for some reason. I mean, when I find info that sends me to a specific link there, that's one thing. But I never go to it specifically to browse around. I'm always linked to a specific thing. But reddit, nope, I stay away from that at all times. Tho, honestly, it feels like it's just me who does.
It seems like it would be a bit tricky to add multiplayer to games that were originally single player. Upscaling them to HD isn't really all that hard though and sounds more realistic. They've been doing that on the PS3 for a while. If they could find a way to add multiplayer to older N64 titles, that would be pretty damn awesome.
crunchyg said:
Just did some more digging. Reddit is highly skeptical, and Neogaf will not have any of it:

This is the same dude that brought us the StarFox-Metroid Fusion Saga. I've removed all links not to feed into the frenzy.
I remember that guy actually. The Star Fox-Metroid fusion was huge for quite a while - I'd actually forgotten that it happened though.

I'm hugely skeptical, especially given how good it'd be if this rumour is true, but I find it strange that he references the fusion rumour in the post himself. If he was creating false rumours just for clickbait, it wouldn't make much sense to admit that the last thing he did turned out to be wrong.

That said, one of the comments he posted beneath makes me unsure about it again:

"I only put up information that’s sent in. There’s a lot more that I don’t share, to reduce spreading what seem to be false reports, but when something appears to have some truth behind it or comes from a source that has been accurate in the past, it goes up. That being said, there have been cases where I haven’t put something up that wound up being true…and likewise, the opposite (both unfortunate cases)."

So essentially an unnamed source sent this in, at least if we assume he didn't fabricate it all himself. The fact that he filters what he posts is promising, but it could simply be that he was so excited by this rumour that he decided to post it regardless.

We'll know something in a few months one way or another - no doubt we'll see a big Nintendo Direct for coming Wii U games before the end of the year. If they've got this planned out, they may well announce it soon.

But I'm not going to get my hopes up.

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