Reviving Mario Clash


Nov 23, 2013
Wii U
Warning: Long Post ahoy! Hello to all. Today I want to talk about about a game that is overshadowed, probably because the console was a flop. After all, who would want to play the oddly shaped, eye-hurting, poorly executed mess that is the virtual boy? Known as Nintendo's worst, and possibly only bad console (the N64 DD doesn't count), it is only too easy to mock and criticize. It has gotten such a bad rap that a lot of people probably wouldn't even bother getting an emulator. But, of all it's shortcomings, there was one redeeming factor to the black sheep of Nintendo's line of nearly flawless hardware: the games. Sure, only fifteen released in the U.S., but, excluding Water World, most of the games weren't all that bad. The Wario one is referred to as the best of the lot. But now I want to talk about a game that I feel is very underrated. A game that might be a great addition to the 3ds's line of classic's with a new 3d function. I am talking about a revival of Mario Clash. P.S Sorry, I don't know how to post images yet.

I know I'm not the first to bring this up, and expect no credit, but I wanted to do this anyway.
I'd like to go in to some of the things could be changed if ported. First off, I'd like to say being a spinoff shouldn't dictate whether this game should be revived. Besides, it could be made part of the main canon if that is a problem anyway. But, as we were.
Exhibit 1: Recolor
One of the criticisms of the virtual boy was the darn red color! So obviously we want this changed. The link here shows what it could look like (one of Mario Tennis VB is there too).
Cool, huh?
Exhibit 2: Game changes
Mario Clash has gotten some backlash because of its repetitiveness. Well, I kind of have to agree there, though it is quite fun all the same. But if this is a problem, maybe a few things could be added to the engine to make it less repetitive. Another one is the lack of a save function, which makes it ridiculously hard to make it to the end if you don't have an emulator. So that is a must.
Exhibit 3: Bonus
This is by no means necessary, but I thought it might be a neat thing to add. Maybe, as a bonus game, the original Mario Bros. could be added, just like in the Mario Advance games. Or, maybe the beta version of Mario Clash could be added:

Well, that's all I have. What do you guys think? It it worth a chance, or just a failure not worth a revival (yeah right). But anyways, see ya!

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