Riding Epona


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
How long did you spend riding Epona (or any other horse)?

Sometimes, I'd just set my horse to run and forget about everything, just race around. With addicting music like this at Lon Lon Ranch when racing her (OOT):

But I just loved running around. It's in essence no different from airships from final fantasy or anything else of the nature - it was a mode of fast travel.

So how long did you spend?

And while we wait for responses, I'll remember fondly my first time..

Way too much time! Especially once I got into hunting down those Big White Poes... Some of them disappeared and wouldn't pop up in the same place for DAYS! I still don't know if it was something I was doing wrong ><
I used to just speed around on the horse to see what I could and couldn't make it jump over as well. I liked trying to make her jump from as high a place as I could. Or what obstacles were clearable. (most werent if you were wondering.)
Haha! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I have mentioned before that I didn't use any assistance in this game, so my thoughts while riding Epona were like hmmmm... wonder if this will lead to some big secret fairy fountain/grotto/secret village/shortcut. I usually just ended back up in Lon Lon Ranch.