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Jun 20, 2013
Pennsylvania USA
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Role playing is a great way to have fun with the community, and I think this forums shoul have a sub forum for forum games, and roleplaying games. Most forums have a subforum for these things, and usually, post count does not increase in it. It would be a great way for the members of this community to interact and have fun :) Who else thinks this should be included in the forums?
I think the idea is a good one. Certainly, it would provide a connection between current forum members. I also think that it might draw in additional members to the Nintendo forum and spark conversation.
Do you mean Live action role play (LARP) like in role models?
If so then yeas!
It looks like so much in to get your armour on and your sword and get down to the park for some full on battle!

I probably wouldn't be able to contribute much though as I'm in the UK. But then again, maybe some others from the UK would join the thread/sub forum?
Feel free to kick it off in Off Topic, and if they pick up, we'll consider opening up a subforum for that.
I started a roleplay in the off topic section, it is called "The Golden Arena" please join Crunchy!!

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