Feb 21, 2013
Has anyone here ever had problems with the RROD - the Red Ring of the Death? If so, how did you go about fixing it? Did you have to send it in, did you end up buying another one, etc? My family only had one major problem with it and we were forced to send it in, in the mean time we did buy another one (because my brother wanted to buy his own anyway) until we got it back. There's been a couple instances where it's appeared for me again (like I would be playing and the power flickers off, and it appears) but it was usually solved by just turning it off and then on again.
I never experienced it because I don't own an xbox. Solely because of this problem. They're built like crap and their exclusives just don't interest me. I will most likely be going with the PS4 next generation as well. I feel like M$ should stick wih what they know, which is operating systems. :)
When I got the Red Ring of Death after only owning my 360 for a month, I went to the Microsoft website to find out what to do.
If my Xbox was made on a certain date, it would qualify to be fixed for free because there was a manufacturing error on Microsoft's part that caused certain 360s to be defective and overheat. Anyway I called them and they sent me a box to send them the 360 back for free. Within 2 weeks I got a 360 back. They sent me back one that was already repaired and registered the new serial number to my Live account and gave me a warranty.

I haven't had a single problem with the replacement Xbox. Microsoft must have spent a fortune fixing all those defective 360's for free. They're a class act. Some companies would have tried to charge people for repairs, even if the defect was their fault.
I think that after a certain model, no xbox had the RRoD problem.
I've never known anyone that had this problem, and most of the people that had this problem had their console fixed and delivered in time.
That was a serious problem back in the days, everyday you would see someone complaining on the forums about it.

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