Rumor: Smash 5 Launches with NX


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Sep 16, 2014
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Hey guys. I have some really exciting news for you today. Although it is only a rumor, Smash 5 could be launching when the NX. I would LOVE that. The tweet is from Dr. Serkan Toto, an analyst and consultant in Japan. He is saying that Namco is making several launch titles for the NX, including Smash 5.

What do you guys think? I hope it is not an enhanced Smash 4 with added stuff, but a new, full fledged Smash. Do you think that it will be a launch title? Tell me below. :)
Yeah I would imagine that if there was a new Smash it would probably be the equivalent to a "Definitive Edition" that's just Smash 4 with all the DLC.
pretty smart move. id rather a Metroid, Star Fox or something a little more out there but it would be cool.
Eh. Well we are getting a new Star Fox in April, so that is good.
I also see a Wii U version of smash bros being ported to the NX with all the DLC and whatever special features the NX will have. If the NX is a hybrid machine then that means that you could play the Wii U version of Smash Bros on the go. It could truly be awesome. I already own Smash Bros and have all the DLC but I would buy it again. A more polished version of the game. This would be considered the Championship Edition. Good times!
I think there was a thought floating around on Smashboards a while ago that it might be a combination of a "Championship" edition of Smash4 and a rerelease of Melee. Which would make a lot of people happy. The launch games for the NX should be really exciting.
I wouldn't really like that. I would want a whole new Smash with new characters and such. If it was just a new version of Sm4sh or Melee, there wouldn't be as much hype in my opinion.
Well, I suppose we all want different things :D

To be honest, Smash 4's competitive scene hasn't matured at all. With the arrival of the last batch of DLC, they can finally start figuring out their meta and ironing out the tournament rules that they have been having problems with over at Smashboards. The game is still really young and having a new game come out might be enough to kill it o.o which would be really sad.

As for an HD release of Melee.... I think the hype may be underestimated. The competitive community for Melee is easily double the size of Smash 4's community. The game is the most popular it has ever been on it's competitive side and the crowd is only growing... while copies of Melee and Gamecubes aren't exactly coming off the assembly line anymore. Sure we have emulators but there are only certain kinds, certain displays and certain hookups that can be used or you run the risk of input lag and frame latency which are HUGE issues in any fighting game, Melee most of all. If we had an HD release on a brand new system.... that would only help the community to thrive and it might help bring down the cost of a 50-60 dollar Melee disc, lol.

Regardless.... I'd be on the hype wagon for a new Smash game too. I'm no lover or hater of 4 so it wouldn't hurt my feelings to see a new game in one of my favorite series.
Ha, no, I highly doubt that's true. Smash 4 is too fresh, like most people have pointed out, and it has a lot of potential to be great once Nintendo has enough people on the system. An updated version of it seems much more likely than Nintendo scrubbing the last game entirely and trying again. Wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Wii U games got graphical updates and ports to the NX.

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